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Tunda is changing the way we meet new people in the world today. Tunda shows you people around you and you can swipe them right to show interest, if they swipe you right back you get a match and you can start chatting each other instantly.

More of tunda

Bored of your regular contact list chat and wanna meet cool people? Tunda is the place to be. Swipe right people of your interest and they get a notification instantly, if they like you they swipe you right back and straight away you can begin chatting for free. At Tunda we believe that everyone deserves the other and we are social beings by nature, so what are you waiting for download tunda today and never feel lonely again.

Swipe & find your Match instantly

A Revolutionary new app that brings the world near us even more closer by linking us to people who surround us in our day to day life yet are strangers to us.Use your location to find friends who are close to you.It simply involves;

When you swipe right to a profile you are interested in, well you can get matched instantly if they had swiped right before, or they receive a notification showing them that someone liked them in Tunda, when they click the link they should find you there and when they swipe right you match instantly and you can chat.

Once you are matched, you can start chatting for free with all your matches in realtime. You can get to know your match more before you can decide to take the next step.

If you would like to be the top in your area, you can boost yourself for speccific duration when you wish to be matched so that anyone in tunda at that particular time can see you.

If you really wish to express a deeper interest to tunda profiles then you can superlike them, they will receive a notification instantly showing them they were Superlike so they will pay more attention to your profile and you have higher chances of being liked back or even superliked.

You can change your location and swipe anyone around the world and meet new people and make new friends from virtually anywhere from your living room.

You can now call your matches anytime anywhere anonimously and get to listen to there voices in realtime.


Guarantee to make new Friends


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Swipe others profiles, swipe right to increase your chances of matching the ones you like. Superlike to show them you are very much interested in them.

Customized Search

Customize your search to get users who meet your specific interests like age range,distance from you,gender and much more.

tunda Calls

You can call your matches annonimously and listen to there voices.

Tunda Mood

You can post your current mood which expires after 24hours for your likes to see.

Free Chat

Find a match and chat to know each other better.

Profile Boost

Make your self visible to the people around you by being the top in your area.